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This tool provides a gateway to all aspects of account management, from one small and convenient window that can always stay on top so that the trader can keep it in view while using other applications such as the web browser.

Key functionalities

  • Symbol prices
  • Current open position and profitability for each symbol
  • Quickly switch between different groups of symbols
  • Ability to place new market and pending orders
  • List of open tickets
  • Ability to modify existing positions and pending orders, e.g. change the stop loss
  • Account metrics such as equity and free margin, with gauges showing profit and margin usage in graphical terms
  • Overview of recent price movements on a symbol over multiple timeframes

Extra features

The Market Manager shares its order-entry form and order templates with our other trading apps. Quick-entry templates which are created in the Trade Terminal or Mini Terminal can also be used in the Market Manager, again providing two-click placement of complex order entries. Templates created in the Market Manager are correspondingly available in the Trade Terminal and Mini Terminal.

Similarly, the Market Manager shares its order-modification window with the Trade Terminal and Mini Terminal: you can alter an open position or pending order using the same range of options which are available when first opening it. For example, you can set a new stop loss by specifying a cash risk rather than having to enter the corresponding price.

Rather than duplicating the charting facilities which are provided by the underlying trading platform, the Market Manager instead provides a single compact window which summarizes recent price movements on a symbol over multiple time periods:

  • Bar charts of recent movements on M5, M15, and H1
  • Gauges showing the current price in relation to the high low over the last 60 minutes, 24 hours, and 5 days
  • Tick chart

Finally, the Market Manager automatically modifies its font size to fit the user’s choice of window size!

Data source: FX Blue Labs

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