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Automate your trading with a great choice of free and paid Trading Signals from the MQL5 Community. It couldn’t be easier to get started, because MQL5 is actually built-in to your MT4 trading terminal, so open your new HotForex Auto Account and become a member of MQL5, one of the largest copy-trading communities in the world.

  • Choose from a great variety of free and paid Signals
  • MQL5 is built-in to your MT4 platform
  • Simple Signal subscription process
  • The Signal Provider’s trades will be copied automatically
  • Absolutely no commission or hidden charges
  • MQL5’s cloud architecture equals reduced latency
  • Providers of paid signals are monitored for one month to verify their performance
  • Analyse historical performance data for each Signal

How to Register


1. Login to myHF and open a HotForex Auto Account.

2. Register with the MQL5 Community. This can be done in two ways:

  • a. In your HotForex MT4 trading terminal, click on 'Tools' 'Options' 'Community' 'Register'; or,
  • b. Go to and register.

After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing your MQL5 Community password.

Subscribing to a Signal


When you have opened a HotForex Auto Account and have become a member of the MQL5 Community, you will be able to access the full list of Signal Providers. The MQL5 Signals can be accessed directly from your MT4 terminal. If you haven’t done so already, go to Tools -> Options -> Community Tab to register or login with the MQL5 Community (See How to Register).


From within your HotForex MT4 trading terminal, click on the 'Signals' tab to browse the full list of signal providers. To view more information about a Signal simply double-click the provider of your choice.


If you wish to subscribe to the Signal provider, click on the 'Subscribe' button.


To proceed with your subscription to the Signal, you must agree to the Terms of Use of the Signals Service and enter your MQL5 password in the pop-up box.


The final step involves enabling real-time signal subscription and setting your preferred *risk-management parameters.

After subscribing to a Signal Provider you should see a confirmation that your subscription has been successful and the trades of the Signal Provider will be automatically copied into your trading account.

*Please note that:

  • As HotForex uses Market Execution, any value entered in the Deviation/Slippage field cannot be applied as this function is only applicable to Instant Execution.
  • If “Enable real-time signal subscription” is not checked, no trades will be copied.
  • In the event that you do not wish to synchronise your chosen Signal immediately and decide to wait for more favourable trading conditions, you will have to manually re-enable the 'Enable real-time signal subscription' option.
  • It is recommended that the 'Synchronise positions without confirmations' box remains unchecked to allow better control over trading activity in your account.

To view the MQL5 Video Tutorial, please click here

Subscribing to Paid Signals – Depositing Funds


If you decide to subscribe to one of the MQL5 paid Signals, you must ensure that you have sufficient funds in your MQL5 Account.

To deposit funds:

1) Login to your MQL5 account at
2) Click on Profile
3) Select 'Payments' from the side menu
4) Select a payment method and deposit funds securely into your MQL5 account
5) Then simply login to your MT4 trading terminal and follow the steps in 'Subscribing to a Signal'.

Renewing a Subscription


You may subscribe to a Signal Provider for durations of one week or one month. If you wish to extend a Subscription, please follow the steps below:


Go to your Terminal and click on the signal. Click the 'Renew' button.


Agree to the Terms of Use, enter your MQL5 credentials and click OK.

Unsubscribing from a Signal Provider


You are always in full control of your subscriptions and may unsubscribe from a provider by simply clicking the 'Unsubscribe' button. You can also freeze or renew a subscription from your HotForex MT4 trading terminal.

  • To subscribe to a new Signal, you must first unsubscribe from any existing subscription and close any open trades. Then simply relogin to your account to synchronise.
  • When you unsubscribe from a Signal Provider, any open trades will remain open until you close them manually.

Rules and Regulations for Using the MQL5 Signals Service


Please read the Rules of Using the MQL5 Signals Service:

Important Notes


  • The Auto Trade account provides access to the signals service, which is a product of Metaquotes Software Corporation. The terms and conditions which govern the provision of the signals service as well as the features of the product are determined exclusively by Metaquotes Software Corporation. Any instructions received during the provision of the signals service are subject to the Account Opening Agreement, Terms of Business and Policies of the Company. The Company accepts no liability for any loss whatsoever pursuant to the use of the signals service.
  • Please note that the Deviation/ Slippage setting applies to Instant Execution only. HotForex uses Market Execution, so any value entered in the Deviation/ Slippage field cannot be applied.
  • For each Auto Account, you may subscribe to one Signal only. If you wish to subscribe to a second Signal, you must first unsubscribe from your current Signal and close all open trades.
  • Signal Subscription durations are for one week or one month. If you wish to remain subscribed to a Signal, you must complete the renewal process.
  • Signals can only be applied to your account if there are no open positions. You must close any open positions to subscribe successfully to a Signal.
  • Maximum leverage is 1:400 on Auto Accounts.
  • Clients may have a maximum of one Auto Account.
  • If you log out of your MT4 platform, you will cease to receive Signals from your provider and, as a result, no further trades will be copied and any open trades will remain open until you close them/ set trading parameters manually. It is advisable to set Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters for any open trades manually if you logout of MT4. Relogin to your platform to synchronize your Signal.